Jimmy S.W

I found London Bed Bug through Google and am pleased to provide a 5-star review. I have lived in my house for 6 years and have suffered through endless ant infestations since the first day here. I have tried various pest control services found them to be totally incompetent and, in fact, reckless in the way they spray toxic chemicals all over the house without regard for the health implications. Despite all of my efforts with various approaches over 6 years, the ants could not be stopped. Then, I found London Bed Bug. They were phenomenal. Their tech spent considerable time with me, and carefully investigated the entire house before starting work. When he started work, he applied a range of different treatments in different places around the house in very intelligent and thoughtful ways. He also used low-toxic substances and applied them meticulously and strategically rather than spraying the entire house with chemicals. It’s now been about a month since he was here, and I have not had any ants. Not a single ant! I can’t underscore how significant this is, given the history of ants here, and how difficult they have been to control. Besides the fantastic quality of his work and the outcome, the technician was also a really nice guy.

Kurtis P.J.

I don’t give five stars easily, but I second the other reviews: London Bed Bug is a fantastic business. We recently had a bedbug scare (which fortunately turned out to be a false alarm) and I called them one morning. From the very start they were friendly and professional. The tech told me they had a last minute cancellation and could send someone out for an inspection that afternoon. He arrived on time and did an amazingly thorough sweep of the apartment. He was very patient, helpful and reassuring. I would have had no second thoughts about continuing to work with this company if the inspection had turned out the other way.

Alfie A.A.

Today we had the pest control man come over to spray. The guy came before the scheduled time; 10 minutes early and got the job done. He was professional and nice. I would highly recommend London Bed Bug to anyone.

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