Insects are the most widespread class of living creatures on the planet. Insects like every other creature on Earth have their intended purposes. But there are few of these species that pose serious threat to human. We call these insects pests. The pests can cause health problems by biting, chewing, stinging people or by carrying different types of decease in our homes. In large numbers and colonies pests can even cause damage to buildings, furniture, carpeting and so. That is why if you see any signs of pests presence in your home you should call pest control services.


The sings of bed bug invasion in your home are evident by the tiny bite marks on the body. Their bites can be painful and can cause infections. If there is an invasion of bed bugs in your home don’t hesitate to call exterminator  to perform pest inspection and pest control on the premises


Fleas are tiny insects that feed on the blood of their host. Fleas are found on domestic animals such as cats and dogs but can feed on humans blood too. To control pest species like the fleas you should check your pet for fleas on regular basis, clean its bedding, provide the animal with flea collar, and maintain a good level of housekeeping. If these pest management hints doesn’t do the trick then call London Bed Bug exterminators to take care of your problem.



Wasp removal is mandatory if the buzzing critters are anywhere near your home. A sting from a wasp can cause allergic reactions that in some cases may have fatal consequences. Our pest control services include wasp removal as well so don’t hesitate to call us.


Insects are really nasty pests but not nearly as nasty as the rodents can be. From all the rodents that can invade our personal space the mouse and the rat are the worst. With London Bed Bug pest control and pest control managementservices you won’t have to worry about the rodent infestation in your house any more, because it will be a thing of the past.


The house mouse is a small mammal with pointy nose, big ears and long tail. The mouse is consider the worst type of pest that can invade your household. The mouse is very adaptable creature that feeds on almost anything. If you are having mouse problems then call our rodent control experts and we will eliminate the problem once and for all.


The rat is considerably bigger than a  mouse and this means the the rat can cause even more chaos and mischief than its small cousin. However no matter how big a rat can get it doesn’t stand a chance against London Bed Bugexterminators.

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