Mole Control

Mole ControlMoles are true trouble to those household who enjoy having a garden or a lawn. They know best that these creatures do not give up easy. They dig and dig, turning your garden upside down, creating numerous trenches and tunnels, which could be also visible, save from those kept strictly under the ground level. Your lawn is being completely destroyed, looking like an excavation site instead of providing a pleasant landscape view. You garden is no longer the same: the moles have dug their way through them ground, cutting and tearing the whole root system of your plants. You have already decided that you’re no longer going to tolerate this. Now is the time to admit that you need some assistance and contact a professional company which could eliminate your worries in the best possible way.


Be careful moles are not easy to catch. They elaborate complex mazes below the ground and as soon as they feel threatened they quickly rush into the deep to save themselves from harm, ingeniously blocking the path behind them as they retreat. Their smell sense is very well developed. They also tend to have a great flair for vibrations. Thus an unprepared and inexperienced individual will find it almost impossible to deal with these intruders. What is more the tunnel network moles create represent a valid threat and a high risk of additional mice or other rodent type infestation. You should act promptly and deal with your mole problem or the things can get even worse.


As experts in the field we offer you a humane problem solving via traps instead of using poisonous chemicals and gases. However trapping as easy as it sounds is not so simple of a job. It requires much caution, patience, skills and persistence. And that is where we intervene. Our pest control teams have all the necessary qualities to relieve you from your troubles, they will play the catch and seek game with the intruders for you and finally you will be the one triumphing for regaining your garden or lawn back.


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